Sunday Morning Bible Studies

Our Sunday Morning Bible Studies are a great place to gather, study God's Word, and connect with others in a small group environment.  All of our classes meet at 9:30 AM and are organized by age/life stage.  We encourage you to explore several classes and find one that is a perfect fit for you.  

  • Children

    CLASS                           BUILDING                                 ROOM

    Babies & Ones            Kid’s Center (1st Floor)            104                  

    2-3 Yr. Old                   Kid’s Center (1st Floor)            105                  

    4-5 Yr. Old                   Kid’s Center (1st Floor)            107

    Kindergarten               Kid’s Center (1st Floor)            107

    1st - 3rd Grade            Kids Zone                                100-102

    4th - 5th Grade           Kid's Center (2nd Floor)           200


    CLASS                    BUILDING                ROOM           TEACHER

    6-12 Grade                  The Hub                           Youth      Jeff & Pam Engelker                 

  • Adults

    CLASS                         BUILDING              ROOM           TEACHER

    Fellowship (Age 50+)          Adult Education             307                   Daryl Worley    Adults (Age 25-54)                The Hub                       West                 Darryl Lehnus

    Young at Heart (Age60+)   The Hub                        East.                 Larry McAdoo

  • Men

    CLASS                BUILDING                  ROOM           TEACHER

    Explorer                 Adult Education                 308                  George Morrison
                                                                                                                 Howard Malone

    Brotherhood               Adult Education           303                   Jim Warren

  • Women

    CLASS                   BUILDING                     ROOM           TEACHER

    GAP (Age 30-60)              Adult Education                      304             Debbie Adams

    Rebekah                    Adult Education                      305             Judy Bessellieu

    JOY (Age 50+)                   The Hub                                  519                  Gloria Hill